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The Future, United or Divided?



Local governments have to make a decision. Do we include everyone? Or continue the path as separationist?
Is Al’s voice really sexy or just a Head cold or all in his head?

What’s that? The mailbox?

School policy 32-10 Parental objective to instructional material Is it lose of parentiel right by parents’ or totalitarian school board establishment . Is it fair? Why do this now? Does this takeaway or give the Principal and Superintendent more power than the parents.
The Investigation continues.
Why do you think the local establishment feel that they are intiteld
Fair Process???
Mark Price New installed Commissioner????
Was it fair? Established elites felt burned by the god old boy network
Facebook blockage? Still continues. Funny game. Time to grow up. Make the phone call. Work out your differences. A new year, a new beginning, a new friendship.
Fringe group/fare label??? Are they really a Friends groups? A new idea, a new approach. Hopefully it’s successful. But let’s all be inclusive. Reach across the aisle on both sides. Include everyone’s idea. Put away our differences. We are Republicans. Moderate and Conservative. Our goal should be to defeat the Democrats.
Good news, good news, good news. A new interview for the year coming up. North Carolina State Senator Mike Lazaro will be our first interview in the beginning year. We also have lined up invitations out to countless people.
Stand by for. Future. Outstanding interviews. With. Our elected officials and loca; people like with. Joe at McDonald’s. or Bod from Burger King
The GOP stern e-mail. Was it a Joan of Arc moment, or a just battle cry for unity .
Trump’s taxes. Who cares? I like that, yeah. The ominobus bill goes on vacation. It’s flown down to the Caribbean. For a couple of days to get signed at the American taxpayers expense. What a waste. Oh.
Who will become the next speaker of the house??? Regardless they need to show up with an AR.
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Ringing in the new year, Is the US a Corporation?? Party plan of organization, Counties small political organizations that either help or damage a party. Convention of States. Term limits. Going hunting. Are you a survival prepper? Idiots in Walmart. YouTube and Tick Tock how kids are so addicted.

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