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Nicholas J. Fuentes: Future President or Doomed to Failure?

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. It was attended by 1,200 people, so much in fact that security had to kick some people out of the conference due to room capacity being exceeded.



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On Saturday, the 4th of March, Fuentes hosted a rally at the Residence Inn by Marriott. It was attended by 1,200 people, so much in fact that security had to kick some people out of the conference due to room capacity being exceeded. This happened at the same time as CPAC was being hosted, where images surfaced of CPAC almost having an empty crowd for their guest speakers and also looking like a furry conference with the amount of dressed up drag queens at the event.

High Energy Fuentes Rally vs Low Energy CPAC

The energy at the Fuentes Rally was nothing like the energy at CPAC, with attendees showing extreme enthusiasm, before, during and after the event. Some commented that the rally felt more like a rock concert than a rally, especially with the lighting and the background. Nicholas J. Fuentes was advocating for Christian Futurism, Building new Cities, New Infrastructure, Christian rule of government and social institutions and Love-speech.

In my opinion, the rally shows that Nick Fuentes has a huge potential to be a successful political figure, and by 2036, I would not be surprised, and would actually be very relieved, if Nick Fuentes becomes President.

Compare this to CPAC, where the main quotes was Nikki Haley saying “Hold my Beer” and Matt Walsh calling for an eradication of Transgenderism in public life. The energy of CPAC felt more like a joke than ran too long, and quickly became boring.

In my point of view, CPAC will either not exist by 2036, or will be absorbed by AFPAC by then. There will be no one important turning up otherwise, and like we saw with major Republicans not turning up and instead going to the Club for Growth retreat, my prediction seems to be coming true as we speak.

But people say Fuentes is doomed to failure

Whilst people, especially Fuentes’ traitors like Jaden McNeil and Simon Dickerman seem to want to say that Fuentes is a “gay cat-boy whose doomed to failure”, the opposite is true. Nicholas has met with Trump, and quite possibly was the main influence for Trump’s recent speech, is a possible future campaign manager for Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), and calls for conversion therapy for homosexuals, any part of the claim that Nicholas is a “gay cat-boy whose doomed to failure” just doesn’t make sense.

We see time and time again that detractors of Nick are repeatedly proven wrong, whether it’s the growing numbers at AFPAC, or the number of high profile people Nick decides to meet with on a weekly basis, we can say for sure that Nick is very likely to succeed in some form with his political objectives.

WATCH: Fuentes Rally

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