Election Fraud & Interference Collection

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The 2020 election was a very heavily contested and tumultuous cycle. Millions of voters believed that there was election interference and fraud. Every day you hear on the mainstream media that this election was fair, safe, and secure and was 100% above board. Many voters feel that this was just not the case.

Here is the New York Times with a video saying the 2020 election was the safest election ever conducted.

This is countered by Trump saying that our elections was stolen in the video below.

So, what is the truth? Well, to answer that you must conduct some research and reading of your own. And, when anyone ever challenges you on providing proof for election fraud or interference you can easily share this resource.


What Happened in GA on Election night? Epoch Times This is a great infographic timeline on the fraud that took place in GA.

Voter Fraud claims are not baseless Newsmax This is a great article on what fraud has occurred in multiple swing states.

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